HOMM Family Camp is coming up July 19-21! 
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 Current Workshops (click date to register):
HOMM HeartChange in Oregon City, OR  July 25-28
HOMM HeartChange in Sacramento Area, CA August 1-4
HOMM HeartRecovery Training in Oregon City, OR  August 2-4
HOMM Servant Heart Workshop in Oregon City, OR  August 9-11
All other scheduled workshops are listed below.
HOMM HeartChange

Four-day workshop where you can experience the heart of God as your Heavenly Father. Gain freedom to be yourself and experience an abundant life.

HOMM HeartsTogether

Three-day workshop for spouses who have attended HeartChange. As a couple you will move into greater unity, intimacy and joy as you apply the principles our Creator designed for marriage.

HOMM HeartDesign

Three-day workshop for alumni of HeartChange who want to experience the heart of Jesus as your Heavenly Bridegroom while discovering His unique design for you and deepening your intimacy with Him.

HOMM HeartsOverflowing

Three-day workshop alumni of HeartChange and want to experiencing the heart of the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to transform you personally and practice ministering to one another.

HOMM Kids HeartChange and
HOMM Youth HeartChange

Three-day workshop where youth can experience the heart of God as their Heavenly Father.

Kids HeartChange is for ages 9-12.

Youth HeartChange is for ages


HOMM HeartRecovery

One-on-one prayer ministry to seek God’s truth in deep places in the heart, for healing and growth in Him.

HOMM HeartChange Livin’It

One-day workshop designed for alumni to practice wielding their HeartChange tools in day to day life.

Training Workshops

House of Myrrh offers a number of options to train volunteers to become workshop volunteers (TAs) and leaders.

As a teen, my family sent me away. I felt like I died that day and was shipped off in a coffin. I believe because of that I suffered for 12 years with a feeling of suffocation and debilitating muscle and joint pain for which I took heavy medications. After the workshop, I discovered not only was my heart healed, but my body as well for I no longer needed the pain medications and I could breathe freely for the first time in years!

HeartChange graduateSchool Teacher

In my youth I experienced feelings of abandonment from my parents. After the workshop, I was able to tell my parents that I forgave them. Later it hit me. I was able to do this because the knowledge I had in my head of knowing God as my Father had gone down to my heart and I not only knew it, but was now living it.

HeartChange graduateContractor

I entered the weekend a little skeptical, but willing to accept what was said, as long it followed Scripture. At the workshop, I discovered I had had the message written on my heart that I was worthless. I also realized that I had spent my life trying to live up to how everyone else thought I should be. God cleaned house! I then knew my value before God. It wasn’t an emotional high; it was real, true and rock solid. I am so thankful that God cared about me, down to every last dark wounded whisper in my heart. I’m FREE!

HeartChange graduateWeb Desginer

This is no ordinary workshop. It is nothing less than a powerful avenue which God used to transform my life. My marriage, family and ministry were all raised from the dead, reclaimed and reinstated for the glory of Christ.

HeartChange graduateChristian Worker