Rediscover God’s Joy at Family Day Camp

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Family and friends! Come day camp with us. (Where’s your buddy?)

Children and non-alumni are welcome.

HeartChange is hosting a mega family reunion of almost biblical proportions.


We will play and laugh and love together. 

It has been too long since we have been able to fellowship on a grand scale. This is your opportunity to reunite with your HeartChange buddies and rediscover ‘GODs JOY‘.


Dates: July 31 (9am-9pm) and August 1 (9am-5pm)

Saturday will be about play. There will be games and crafts, a BBQ, an untalented show, and worship.

Sunday will be about reveling in GODs JOY. There will be Church, HeartChange style, and more fun in the afternoon after a potluck.


I will send the schedule of events when I have it finalized. Feel free to come and go as you desire.


This is a free event. We will accept donations for food and supplies.

Registration starts June 17 through Eventbrite. Look for the link, next week, in the home page of <heartchange.org>.


Ways to help

If you would like to help with the planning or donating supplies for this event please respond to this email.

If you need a place to stay during this event and can’t afford lodging let me know as well. We have options for you! If you would like to provide housing I would like to hear from you.


May God bless you beyond measure according to His goodness.

This season we will be rediscovering God’s Joy and that will be the theme of the camp.

Come ready to find GODs JOY!

Stacey Seal